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Prayers for Our Church Family
(highlighted are new additions)

Please place this on your refrigerator, in your bible,
or carry with you throughout the day.
Remind yourself to include the following people in your prayers....


Alice Robinson (cancer, Flaugherís aunt)
Robís father George
Sherry Walton (and family)
John Wenzel   (continued healing)
Nadine Wenzel (continue healing)
Woody Wommack (cancer)
Gilbert Brown (cancer)
Jack Smith (need Prayer)

(our ins. Man attacked by a dog)
Beverley Collins( acute Leukemia)

Connie Kopacka Husband (brain cancer)
Ruth Stewart
Jeff Rousch ( Knee Injury)
Jon Remington ( Job)
Lupita ( Breast Cancer)
Hanna Graces friend (Mri knee)
Abdel ( Brain Tumor)
Lineman Killed

Patiese (cancer)


Jean Boutwell (doing well)
Roger Brinkman (Surgery went good)
William Cover (Lung cancer) Ed Coverís brother
Jessie Hendricks (continued prayers)
Rudy Hendricks (continued prayers)
Robin Jackson (cancer)
Michelle Maloney (still needs prayer)
Morgan (walking on her own)
Fernando Gonzalez (cancer)
Ken Bergquist (leukemia)
Vickie , Laura Hootmanís daughter   (Home on Chemo)
Lewis Chancey (needs prayer)
Ray Sullivan (doing good)
Helen Pottorff (home)

Kelly Wannamaker( Pregnant)
Holy Ground (shut down 40-50 homeless)
Hilda Nephew Robin (
Shans Hospital)
Lauraís friend (brain cancer ,leukemia)



Food Pantry-Every Wednesday 9:00-1:00
Thrift Store - Wed-Sat 9:00-1:00
Sunday Worship 10:30-12:00
Adult Sunday School (Sunday) 9:15am
Youth Fellowship (Sunday) 6:30pm

With joy we welcome all who have come to worship. As we gather in the name of Jesus
Christ we know that God meets us in this place. We welcome our guests with Open Hearts, Open Minds, and Open Doors and pray all are blessed by a genuine experience of God's love and grace.

Pastor Doug Zipperer