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Prayers for Our Church Family
(Bold are new additions)

Please print and place this on your refrigerator, in your bible,
or carry with you throughout the day.
Remind yourself to include the following people in your prayers....


Prayer For Healing

Prayers For Cancer

Lewis Chancey
Jack Smith (need Prayer)
Ruth Stewart
Audrey Harris

Roger and Karen Brinkman
Chuck Bennett
Cindy Smith
Dickie Fortner
Tom Ash (Surgery May 6th)
Sharon Vieland
Linda Carter
John Neil
Charlotte Hall

Maryjane Watermaker's grandson Jason is back in the hospital at St Joseph in Tampa. Maryjane is asking for all the prayers we can get. 

Our God is an AWESOME GOD he tell us to ask in his name and Believe and he will answer. Dear Heavenly Father we are Lifting Jason up to you for your healing powers God. Take him and heal him and be with the family Lord God as they sit with him in Jesus precious name I pray. AMEN.  
Please lift Jason up in prayer.


Woody Wommack (cancer has returned)
Gilbert Brown
William Cover
Jessie & Rudy Hendricks (Jessie Broke her Back)
Ken Bergquist (leukemia)
Terry Flaugher
Doug Parker (Helen's Son in Law)
Nichole Thomas

Rudy Hendricks has been on our prayer list for 7 years. The doctors said he has about 6 months to live. Brain Cancer, leukemia  heart problems, etc. God has been good to him. Dr says he is going to write a book about him, he has defined every thing the doctor have said would happen. Thanks to all you prayers. Today he is having a surgery on his shoulder. He has had a knot on his left shoulder for years, now it is has become an abscess. It is so large they have to do surgery 

 The infection is not good for his other things in his body. Dr is worried about that. Please if we can pray some more for him and Jessie as she fell and broke her back. Dr said there are multiple break. She is in a lot of pain.  We all need prayer. God is in control


Needs Prayer

Sherry Walton & Family
Alyn Burks
Eileen Garguilo
Nate Nichols
All our Members



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Sunday Worship 10:30-12:00
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With joy we welcome all who have come to worship. As we gather in the name of Jesus
Christ we know that God meets us in this place. We welcome our guests with Open Hearts, Open Minds, and Open Doors and pray all are blessed by a genuine experience of God's love and grace.

Pastor Doug Zipperer