Bible Studies

    The church sponsors several Bible studies.  Please see our calendar calendar.html for days and times since they
    change frequently throughout the year.

Children’s Church

    This program is designed specifically for young children and is held at the church every Sunday at 11:00 am.

Senior Bingo

    This daily (M-F) fellowship activity is held in the Ash Family Center.

Sunday School

    Adult, Youth and Children Sunday Schools meet at 9:15am.

Vacation Bible School

    Each year VBS has a new theme. It is open for both children and adults. The 2014 theme was SHINE by GO-FISH
    and was a huge success!

    57 children and adults participated, supported by dozens of volunteers.

Women Circle of Christian Service

    This group brings Christian women together to worship, support the church and fund and volunteer for
    outreach ministries. They provide financial support for five needy children in the community. They also
    provide wonderful monthly fellowship dinners at a low price.  Please see our calendar
calendar.html for dates.

Women of Faith

    Please call us at 727-856-2948 for the the 2014 WOF event. We will be posting details of where and when this will take
    place as we recieve them.


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